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Terms & Conditions of Service

Terms and Conditions of our Service

The term “Marriage Tax Refund”, “Marriage Tax Allowance”, “We” or “Us” refers to Marriage Tax Allowance Limited. We are a Companies House registered UK company. Company registration number: 10453237.

Our Terms And Conditions

Signing your claim form and returning it back to us means you agree to all of the terms and conditions listed within.

General Terms

  • You authorise us to act on yours and your partner’s behalf to claim back a tax refund for you both.
  • You authorise us to be able to contact HMRC on both your behalf’s to chase your claim and pursue HMRC to speedily get you back what you are legally entitled to.
  • Confirm that you are happy for 10% of your personal tax free allowance to be transferred from “Partner 1” to “Partner 2”. This means “Partner 2” will be paying less tax each year until you contact HMRC to tell them of any change of circumstance.
  • Confirm that you instruct us to backdate this allowance from the start of your marriage or civil partnership. This can only go so far back as 5th April 2015.
  • Confirm that you wish for us to claim this back in a cash refund amount from HMRC on your behalf’s and we deduct our fee from the total refund for whatever reason it may arise.
  • Confirm that our fee is deducted from each individual payment/cheque received.
  • Confirm that you authorise us to request any relevant documentation or information from yourselves or HMRC to enable us to secure your refund for you.
  • You agree that any delay, for whatever reason, in obtaining information from yourselves or HMRC can result in a delay in us securing your refund.
  • Agree that any estimation of your total refund or average refund figures printed on our website, given by email or phone, using any online calculators or documentation sent out to you is not a guarantee of the amount you will receive and is an estimated figure.
  • Any timescales quoted for the completion and successful reclaiming of your refund are estimated timescales. We always aim to secure and finalise each claim as fast as possible. However, delays can occur. These are normally due to HMRC taking longer to process claims due to processing backlogs.
  • It is the claimants responsibility to calculate if the transfer of the marriage tax allowance is beneficial for them prior to claiming with us.
  • We reserve the right to cancel your claim at any given time should you breach any of our terms and conditions or any other reason within our discretion.
  • Payments are sent twice a month out to clients. One pay run is done on the 14th and the second on the 28th of each month.

Our Fees and Terms

  • We operate a strict NO REFUND NO FEE policy.
  • If we cannot get you a refund, regardless of how much work has been completed, there will be no fee owed to us.
  • If we get you a refund our set fee is 35% plus (VAT), subject to a minimum deduction of £99 plus (VAT). The minimum deduction means that if your refund is £99 or below then we retain that payment. It does not mean that you have to pay £99 if it is less then this amount. You will never have to pay us out of your own pocket.
  • You, Partner 1 and partner 2, authorise HMRC to send your refund directly to Marriage Tax Allowance Limited for us to deduct the agreed fee above and forward your refund to you.


  • We agree to take all reasonable care when processing your claim but do not give any other warranties in relation to our services provided.
  • We are not liable to you should you breach any of these terms and conditions for whatever reason or where you have provided false information, no refund is obtained, you have already claimed a refund, your claim is not completed in the estimated timescales, HMRC have different information on their system to that you have provided to us, you owe money to HMRC or any other authority for underpayment of tax or any other reason, or any penalties that are applied.
  • Any correspondence received from HMRC after the completion of your claim is your responsibility to act on or contact us. We reserve the right to not act after your claim is completed unless you have instructed us to do so and this is agreed in writing by ourselves.
  • We are not liable should you fraudulently sign or provide a partners details that does not consent to applying for this tax refund.
  • After your claim should you require a removal of a deed of assignment this carries an administration fee of £69 and is at the companies discretion to action if deemed suitable.


  • If at any point you wish to make a complaint in relation to our services provided to you please email, or contact us by post. We aim to resolve all complaints within 14 days from the receipt of your letter or email.
Last updated: 2nd October 2019