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Am I eligible?

HMRC sent us a letter saying we have a refund. When will we get this?
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It usually takes HMRC two weeks from when you get the letter to send payment to us. As soon as we receive payment it will be sent out on either the 14th or 28th of each month. Depending on the date we received it.
Am I entitled to it?
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We can claim this benefit for all married couples or civil partners, where one of the partners earns less than £50,000 per year. The other partner will either be unemployed or earning less than £12,500 a year. Where this is the case we will transfer some of the low/no earning partners tax-free allowance to the tax paying ones and backdate this to April 2017.
How does it work?
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The process is simple. All we need to do is get some basic information when you fill out our online claim form and then send you out a form to sign. Once you return your form we complete all the necessary work and your dedicated claims handler will contact HMRC to negotiate and secure you the most amount of refund as possible. As an added bonus your tax codes will be changed meaning you will pay less tax every year, saving an estimated £15,000 over your lifetime.
Am I guaranteed a refund?
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If you meet the criteria then yes. While we aim to secure everyone a refund it all depends on your individual circumstances and the final calculation from HMRC.
How long does my claim take?
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We aim to finalise all claims within 4 weeks off receiving your signed paperwork back.

Making a claim

We have three separate calculations, with three separate refund amounts?
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The refund amount is the figure on the most recent years calculation, usually the 2017/18 tax year. It is not three separate amounts. The amounts for the earlier years carry forward to the recent years to give a grand total.
Can we claim this if one partner is on a pension?
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The simple answer is yes. You are still entitled to claim this.
Will this affect our Child Tax Credits, Employment Support Allowance or Personal Independence Payment?
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The simple answer is no. This does not affect any other benefits you receive. This is a separate sector that you are entitled to claim on top of these.
Why does it say on the form “We assign the payment to Marriage Tax Allowance Limited”?
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Your refund will come to us first. We will then deduct our stated fee above and forward a cheque to you.
Does this cost me?
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There is no direct cost at all. We have a strict No Win No Fee policy for all claims. If we can not win your claim, then there is NO fee no matter how much work has been done for you. If we are successful, we deduct 35% (+ VAT) of the total refund.
Unsure if you can claim?
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If you are unsure simply claim anyway, as that is the only way to find out if you are entitled. You do not lose anything by trying as our strict No win No Fee policy means you have nothing to lose.